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Pre-Engineered Buildings:

We are among the pioneers in the design of Pre-Engineered steel building structure construction
A Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings is composed of two distinct subsystems: :

• The Pre-Engineered Steel Building Structure
• The Panels & Panel Accessories

The Pre-Engineered Steel Building Steel Structures (PEBSS)

The pre-engineered steel frame of a pre-engineered steel building structure typically comprises more than 80 per cent of the pre-engineered steel building's weight. This 80 per cent is an average and can vary plus or minus 10 per cent depending on the existence of mezzanines, crane runway pillars, type of panels used and the amount of construction accessories used in a house. For PEB Steel Structures, the unit of measurement is metric ton (MT). For a general average, the PEB Steel Structure weighs 25 kg by one square meter (1 m2). So one MT of PEB Steel Structure = 40 (1000/25) m2 of construction footage print.

The PEB Steel Structure consists of panels, secondary members and regular buyouts constructed from steel. PEB industry structures also apply to primary built-up & hot rolled participants. Constant depth or tapered depth built-up members typically account for more than 90% of the frame weight while the remaining 10% are usually accounted for by hot rolled members. Secondary members in the PEB industry primarily apply to longitudinal roof and wall members which are roll shaped from galvanized coils or press broken from narrow galvanized sheets. This members' raw material is processed in five densities: 1.5, 1.75, 2.2, 2.25 and 2.5 mm.

Hot Rolled Steel Structurers

We are Structural Steel Fabricators and the leading Structural steel solution provider in UAE . We are specialized in manufacturing structural steel works for commercial, residential & industrial projects as required by the company. In Dubai & Across UAE we provide manufacturing, welding, and installation services. Our team includes professional welders, engineers and workers who ensure quality work during the production timeframe. Our state-of-the-art stainless-steel manufacturing facility has the latest equipment

Steel Fabrication

We are the leading Steel Fabrication in Dubai & Steel contractors in Dubai. We were active in product, in the production of stainless steel. We joined the hands of many companies, engineers , architects, and contractors to meet the needs related to their manufacturing. Al Baraq Steel Works has the capacity to provide full manufacturing support to our customers. In compliance with their standard criteria, we work with our customers in their schedule. Project Management & Technical personnel to get the job done perfectly with top of the line equipment's. We are specialized in fabrication works of any type. Al Baraq Steel has grown to become one of the top steel Fabrication and Engineering companies in UAE


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